Amazon Product Hunting Services

Amazon product research remains one of the most decisive factors. There are many Amazon hunting product ideas out there but most of them have already been taken. believes that there is a lot of hard work required for Amazon product hunting. Our Amazon product hunting ideas come from different sources. With millions of products on Amazon and thousands added every week, there is always room for more products on the world’s largest online retail marketplace. We keep updated with the latest product hunting trending products. Always researching and finding profitable products. The aim is to offer product hunting eligible for FBA and for that we have diversified searching criteria, not relying on any single channel for searching the right product to sell on Amazon.

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    Amazon Product Hunting Services by Amazine Ecommerce

    Amazin Ecommerce uses more than one way to do Amazon product research. Our Amazon product hunting revolves around identifying and simultaneously searching for multiple product opportunities. Our Amazon profitable products consulting uses different advanced AMZ market research tools too including Helium and Jungle Scout for the right product hunting. Once we are able to find the best-selling products, we shift towards the process of sourcing. We try to find the products to source locally before we shift our focus to China and Alibaba. Since our aim is to reduce the shipping cost as much as possible.

    Our Amazon product hunting services may approach the finding of products in another way too. We first find a supplier and get their catalog to see the products they are offering. Then our team goes through each of the products in Amazon to see the number of sellers selling these products there. This gives us an idea about the overall competitive environment for that particulate niche and product. The supplier first approach also ensures that we already have the supplier delivering the products in the US or UK to start offering it to Amazon. Then we consult with you (our customers) to discuss which route to go, either “Private Label Brand” or “Me Too”.

    How Does it work?


    Step 1 – Assign Product Hunting

    The first step is that you will assign the Amazon product research task for you. You will pay us $100 in advance (non-refundable) so that we can start our Amazon product hunting process.


    Step 2 – Finalize Product Hunting Criteria

    Tell us your criteria or you can let us do the research for products on Amazon according to our criteria. You can send us an email to discuss what criteria we follow at info[at]


    Step 3 – Revealing of the Statistics

    Once we have agreed upon the criteria for product hunting, we will hunt the product (or products) and only share its statistics. Once you confirm that you would like to go with the product we will move to the next step.


    Step 4 – Revealing the Hunted Product

    After finalizing our Amazon product research, you will pay the remaining amount of what was originally agreed. We will reveal the name of the product and also share if our opinion if you can do a private label or me-too on it.

    Why Hire Our Amazon Product Hunting Services?

    Low Competition and High Demand Products

    When it comes to finding profitable products, competition and demand for the product are vital. We focus our Amazon Product Research on those items that have a high search volume. The aims to present with Amazon product hunting ideas that are relatively new. Our Amazon product hunting services revolve around suggesting products to you that have a high search volume and low competition. High demand and lower competition products offer a greater chance of earning profits.

    Healthy Keyword Search Volume

    At our Amazon profitable product consulting focuses on products that still have room for getting ranked on high search volumes. Our researching for product on Amazon focus on products that wide assortment of keywords available. The research focuses on the possibility that the product which we have selected for you hasn’t yet been saturated by competitors and there is still room for more sellers to sell it on Amazon.

    We Take Seasonality Effect into Consideration

    One of the factors that we take into consideration for Amazon’s profitable product consulting is seasonality. A lot of products that we come across during our Amazon product research are great but they simply lack evergreen sales throughout the year. Our Amazon product hunting services take into consideration this critical factor. We don’t suggest our customers’ best-selling products that have a dip in sales during the year due to any reason including seasonality. The aim is to provide them with products that can deliver consistent sales and profits every month of the year.

    Stable Product Behavior

    At times we have product hunting eligible for FBA but those trending products, even though not seasonal in nature, cannot deliver the same sales results. During our Amazon product research, we are careful about the consistency of the sales. Our Amazon product hunting services’ main concern is consistent delivery of sales. Therefore, even if a product is not seasonal in nature but its sales keep changing because of increased competitors, product variation, or other reasons that are not apparent, we always try to avoid such products to share with our customers.

    Light Weight and Small Products

    There are many trending products out there that do not qualify for a mention due to different reasons. Our Amazon profitable products consulting takes different variables into consideration. During our research for products on Amazon, we tend to favor those products that are lightweight and small in size. This helps our customers easily ship those products at an affordable price. Secondly, even if there is a shortage of inventory, our customers can consider sending some of these small and lightweight products by air cargo.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) - Amazon Product hunting services

    How do you ensure product privacy?

    Our Amazon product research is strictly confidential. We only share the Amazon product hunting results with a client’s designated representative. The product hunting ideas are kept secret. The product hunting for eligible for FBA is informed to the customers in advance so that they can accordingly consider their options for selling on AMZ online retail marketplace.

    What if you don’t like the product?

    Well after Amazon product hunting, if you do not like what we have searched for you, you can deny it at the stage when we have only revealed its statistics. We cannot offer a refund for our Amazon profitable products consulting after we have already shared complete details about the product that we have hunted for you.

    Is the payment for your Amazon product hunting services in advance?

    You do not need to pay all the amount full in advance for our Amazon product research services. You only pay for our Amazon product hunting services when you have selected the product based on its category and statistics. Before we start researching the product for you, you will have to submit $100 for the product and the rest of the agreed amount is paid once you have finalized the product to sell on your Amazon store.

    How do you know that the product you hunt will be profitable to sell?

    We have been in the business of Amazon product research long enough to develop a deeper understanding of the products sold in different categories. Our Amazon product hunting services are based on the years of experience that we have acquired by delivering top-notch products to our customers. There is no guarantee that if a product is hunted for you, you will be successful. Since hunting of the product to sell on Amazon is one of the many factors that go into consideration for profitably selling the products on AMZ.

    Do you also hunt products to sell on Amazon on a customer’s criteria?

    Yes, we do provide Amazon profitable products consulting based on the criteria shared by the customers with some extra charges. This means going through a route for identifying hunting product ideas that are different from the internal processes we have set up for Amazon product hunting.

    Why does it cost $700 - $1500 to hunt a product on Amazon?

    Well, the process of Amazon product research is detailed. It is not easy to find Amazon hunting product ideas since most of the Amazon product hunting ideas have already been identified and utilized to make profits. There is still a lot of room for hunting products but with each passing day, it becomes more challenging. More of the Amazon product hunting experts are coming to the market which adds to the competition for finding that one magical product that will deliver the desired results.

    What is the criteria for Amazon product hunting that follows?

    The best-selling products are hard to find and it becomes even harder when you have certain criteria. We focus on delivering products that have low prices, less competition, high search volume keywords, are easy to transport, and have the potential to make profits for you. Thus, finding profitable products takes time. For more about the criteria on which we offer our Amazon product hunting services, please get in touch with team via info[at]